e-class content is researched over last 3 years and completely mapped to Maharashtra State Board Guidelines. The content consists of Audio-Visual Lessons in 2D and 3D that help the teacher to deliver the lesson effectively and the students can understand the concepts better.

e-class builds up your retentive capabilities through its skillful and extensively researched interactive courses that make learning fun and easy, helping you remember courses months after you learnt them with the help of audio-video learning.

BENEFITS e-class
  • E-class increases success rate in class examinations and most importantly in SSC Board examinations.
  • Stronger Institutional Image in the society.
  • Prodesset ei has audiam et eam, ei vis dam

E-class contains each subject with a real teacher in a virtual classroom, teaching chapter by chapter making studies as exciting as watching movies along with unique features like question -answer and mind map for revision purpose. E-class can also be easily loaded onto PCs, Laptops, School Servers etc.