Morcorp specializes in delivering RFID readers, RFID tags and turnkey RFID solutions. We have expertise in deploying RFID technology that will maximize your ROI. RFID products include:

School Management System could make your school staff's life easier than ever. Using School Management System, finding student information is just a few seconds away which might have cost hours, or even days, before. At the end of the semester, printing students' statement becomes just a few minutes' job (the speed limitation determined by your printer), but it could be a nightmare without using School Management System. If a student is absent, an email or even a short text message could be sent automatically to their parents' email address or mobile phone...

RFID is used in many industries. RFID is a Tracking System and used of radio waves to read and capture.

  • Low Frequency RFID Tags
  • Low Frequency RFID Readers
  • High Frequency RFID Tags
  • High Frequency RFID Readers
  • UHF RFID Tags
  • UHF RFID Readers
  • Gen 2 Tags
  • Gen 2 Readers
  • RFID Antenna

RFID solutions are targeting towards asset tracking, supply chain, fleet services, container management, event management, library systems, parking controls, etc.


We are engaged in offering an extensive range of UHF RFID Reader to meet the demands of our customers.


The HF RFID card we offer is finely designed and easy to install and also offer accurate output with ensured reliability.


In addition to this the COMBO RFID card, this COMBO RFID Reader is easy to monitor and offer reliable performance.

RFID Cards

Morcorp specializes in delivering RFID card.We have expertise in deploying RFID tech that will maximize your ROI.