Morcorp specializes in delivering RFID
readers.We have expertise in deploying
RFID tech that will maximize your ROI.


GPS system contain Vehical Tracking which includes sends sms regarding bus & students attendans to parents.

PayRoll Mangement System

In our Payroll System it is easy to pay employer to employee for their work performance..

School Management Software

It is a multi-user system and
can be used by hundreds or even
thousands users at same time.

Chit Fund

It is a mechanism that combines
borrowing and savings in a single
scheme. In a chit fund scheme


Electronic bill payment is a now
common feature of online banking
similar in effect to a giro, allowing


E-class is a unique content which
is meant for all, whether you are a
student, parent, teacher, educational

ERP Software

ERP Solution that enables any
institute to use a nexus of integrated
interrelated modules to manage

Web Desinging

Webpage Developing includes small
as well as huge sites but with simple
styles and without complicated