E-Billing Software

E-Bill is now available for viewing and paying your term bill. Each month all enrolled students and authorized payers will be invited via email to view and pay term bills.

Through our e-Billing portal you can view summary and detailed reports relating to your voice services, and even customise reports to analyse who is spending what and how you’re using your services giving you complete transparency over your costs for both billed and unbilled services.

e-Billing Benefits
  • Speed up cash flow cycle by getting invoices to customers faster
  • Lower invoicing costs along every step of the billing chain
  • Reduce mistakes and administration overheads
  • Achieve better visibility of cash flow, collections, and invoice approval
  • Improve management of the invoicing process from production to distribution to on-going administration
  • Reduce paper usage and energy consumption
  • Improve relationships and lower administration costs with suppliers