SMS Service

The way education is imparted today has changed dramatically. Parents today look for that small extra edge that one institution has over the other.

School SMS is the most advanced text message information disbursal & marketing system available. With School SMS and the power of today's mobile phones, you can revolutionize the way in which you communicate with students and their families.

School SMS allows you to offer an unrivalled level of service to your students and parents alike, even if they don't all have a mobile phone!

A small step initiated by the school authorities can lead to a great relief & confidence building for the parents.
  • Attendance Keeping the parent informed
  • Admissions Keep the crowds away
  • Unscheduled Holiday Make the morning lighter
  • School circulars / Special announcements
  • Involve the parents

With School SMS, parents and guardians are automatically alerted via SMS messages to their mobile phones, making it an easy, time saving and fault-free way to record real-time student attendance.